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3003 Aluminum Mirror Sheet | Polished Aluminum 3003

3003 aluminum mirror sheet, aka 3003 aluminum mirror plate, is a type mirror aluminum sheet made of aluminum-manganese alloy series for sale. Haomei as a manufacturer and supplier of 3003 aluminum mirror plates, provides polished aluminum 3003 for sale.

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Project Introduction

Introduction to Polished Aluminum 3003

3003 aluminum mirror sheet is a mirror aluminum plate that is made of aluminum alloy 3003. This type of mirror sheet is slightly harder than 1060 and 1070 mirror aluminum sheets because of the high proportion of manganese in it. And here are the parameters of 3003 s.

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Processing of 3003 Aluminum Mirror Sheet

Like other aluminum mirror sheets, 3003 aluminum sheet must undergoes the process of casting and rolling. After this it must go through polishing and other procedures.

Features and Application of Polished Aluminum 3003

3003 polished aluminum sheet is super reflective and can be used as mirror decorations in the building and constructions. Also its high reflective rate makes it great material to make reflectors and the part of lights. Apart from these 3003 aluminum mirror sheets also have many other advantages, and we hope that you can send us emails enquiring about this plate if you have any more confusions.

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